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Gothsthe terms „Gothic„,goth are often used interchangeably with the terms of the broader meanings that do not have Polish equivalents: how „Dark Culture„,Dark Independent”. They are known under the name the Gothic Subculture. Define these terms is difficult, because in spite of a long history and imprint in music, literature and film is based a unique definitions.

Goth (Got) is a representative strain of Germanic, which played a large role in the fall of the Roman Empire. With time, the word has taken on a meaning and pejoratywnego has become synonymous with the barbarians; in particular, that the Goths were one of the tribes that the longest were the process of Christianization for this reason, during the middle ages Gothic architecture called the inelegant and simple way of making buildings, which kontrastował with the wysublimowanymi lines of classical architecture. Lovely 18th-century Englishmen to medieval ruins, coupled with a penchant for the chivalric romances, threads of religious and occult, launched, on the one hand, the development of the neo-Gothic. Gothic horror themes, always accompanied by Powieściom, cemeteries, ruins, ghosts, vampires, ghosts, curses, threads romantic and melodramatic. One of the most popular Gothic novels of that period was Dracula Bram Stoker’a of the year 1897, who gave the Foundation horrorowi as species of literature, and later a movie.

The origins of the Gothic subculture can be dated back to the early years of the 20th century, the 80. This subculture is closely connected with the music and it involves both the influences of postpunk music and bands. This subculture has survived to this day unlike other her contemporaries and what’s more you can observe both its development and diversification.
In 1994, at the castle in Graz was held the first edition of Castle Party Festival, the largest event of this kind in Eastern Europe. In 2000, its beginning had M’era Luna Festival is the second largest Gothic Festival in Hildesheim, Germany. In 2001 started Lumous Gothic Festival. in Tampere in Finland. In the period from the mid-1990s began to appear like mushrooms after the rain minor clubs and Gothic events. You can specify this period as a time of maturity of the Gothic.
From those followed on both sides exchange of inspiration between the culture of the darkness and the main trends in literature and cinema. Authors such as Anne Rice revived in their novels, vampires, that in a new incarnation began to appear in films.
For a typical Gothic productions is considered such films as „the Crow” or role playing game with a series of World of darkness. The Gothic culture was also later a big influence on the Visual side of mainstream cyberpunkowego, especially in connection with the development of industrial music.
It is based on both the mood and the specific aesthetics. A feature of the dark culture is rather tolerance, though the way of being and of dress causes often assign its violence, hatred and even racism. There is no specific political views, as in the case of point or the emerging Hippie movement. Rather, it is placed emphasis on individualism and intellectualism, which received (and rightly so) often as skepticism and cynicism. Political views are rather the left liberal or anarchist, however, this is not the rule.
If it comes from attitude to religion, the case looks like. The Gothic subculture is not associated with any particular religion. While the aesthetics of the specified causes that many items come from culture and Christian tradition. Quite freely treated objects of worship, which is usually the background of photographs and items such as crosses, keys of the Nile or Thor’s hammers are more decorative than religious. Among the Goths you can find people both tend to like and niewierzące. It is common for this approach to religion with a certain distance.
Alternative approach of the Gothic subculture is one way to escape from the mainstream popular culture and is associated with both, and created and New Age mysticism. Certainly it is an escape from the real world. What’s noticeable hierarchy within the subculture is usually not only reflects but is radically different from the status of specific individuals in the society.
The lack of a rigid framework, eclectic music and the ability to adapt are the main characteristics by which culture Dark wyzwoloności has survived and is doing well. Both romance and fascination with the world of pozazmysłowym, the subconscious and the dark side of humanity are a natural feature of vulnerable people. An important feature is the continuous escape from the mainstream and commercialization, which killed many subcultures.
The stereotype of Gothic fashion is a dark dark outfits. The appearance of a heavily filled with eroticism. The stereotypical appearance of Gothic black hair, sharp, provocative, makeup, dark nails, dark dress, piercings, traditionally the costumes from the era of the elizabethańskiej, Victorian, medieval, or referring to climates batcave in the style of a more punk. For the typical costumes of the Goths can be considered as chic clothes in retro style modeled on the 19th-century aristocracy, black coats and dark glasses, and an unusually flashy black and colorful futuristic creations bordering with foreign styles of technoand any combination thereof. With a classic look, with the development of styles of music, evolved a large amount of different styles from a small girl dressed in an ancient dress wymalowanego black con man Engl.
As far as EMO, we have doubts whether this is really a subculture, or just a momentary fashionable trend of so many Goths are certainly the subculture. Have your passions, and a taste, your style, far from the world of commercialism. Live in your world of fairy tales otaczająć with people who are also fascinated by the Gothic culture.
The problem for the subculture is ready to postepująca commercialization. Now after earning up to them, the organizers of the biggest festivals, stores selling clothes for willing to draw multi-million dollar profits.

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